Weatherford Saudi Arabia

Weatherford Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaWeatherford Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaWeatherford Saudi Arabia (WSA) Ltd. is a joint venture between Al-Rushaid Group and Weatherford International Inc. (USA). The company provides a range of specialised oilfield services to the oil and gas industry operating from a purpose-built world-class facility at Al-Rushaid Oil Field Centre. WSA has a substantial inventory of drilling equipment including pressure-control equipment, drill-pipe and handling equipment, reamers, fishing and milling tools and other related equipment. A complete range of casing and tubing handling and running equipment is also available and is complemented by a team of highly trained and experienced Tubular Running Services (TRS) technicians. This team of highly skilled technicians are from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and possesses a track record of excellence that is unmatched in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Highly skilled down-hole service supervisors are available to assist customers with down-hole problems using drill-pipe or coiled-tubing conveyed tools to put wells back on line quickly and economically. These specialists also provide the expertise to instal well-deviation equipment such as the QuickCut range of whipstocks and the internal expandable casing patch used for the fast and economical repair of casing leaks. Fully equipped to API specifications, seven machine shops operate around the clock in facilities providing complete inspection, repair and testing services for a wide range of drilling tools. WSA is firmly committed to Saudisation reflected by an increasingly positive trend well above the industry average with kindom of Saudi Arabia nationals representing more than 50 per cent of the total workforce. WSA & Weatherford Al-Rushaid (WAR) is certified by API (American Petroleum Institute) & ISO 9001- 2000 for quality management system. In 2007, Integrated Management System certification has been achieved for ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 18001 Safety.

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