Al-Rushaid Construction Co. Ltd

Al-Rushaid Construction  Al-Rushaid Construction Co. Ltd. (ARCC), established in 1993, a joint venture of Al-Rushaid Petroleum Investment Company (ARPIC) and EEI Corporation from the Philippines, is one of the leading local contracting companies in the Kingdom.The company provides general contracting, project management and procurement for medium and large-scale industrial construction as well as turnaround/shutdown, maintenance and T&I services. ARCC handles a wide variety of contracts for the cement, oil, gas, power generation, petrochemical, energy, water and manufacturing industries. Its capabilities extend to civil, mechanical and equipment erection, piping, tank erection, structural, painting, insulation and electrical and instrumentation works.ARCC employs more than 5,000 skilled craftsmen, engineers and project management staff. ARCC has successfully completed several construction and rehabilitation projects for the Kingdom

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